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 Qingguang Market / Qingguang Shopping District, Shuangcheng Street Night Market


In Taipei’s old days, barges would bring their wares here, and foreign firms, commissioner’s offices, and exotic goods gave rise to the name of this place: Qingguang, which means “dazzling light.” The area is now home to homes and eateries from Nongan Street to Shuangcheng Street, with a modern urban appeal.

Almost all stalls at the Shuangcheng Street Night Market have been around for 30 years or more. The part is also home to a string of lively American-style pubs, great places to have a chat and a laugh over a beer with your traveling or local friends.


Walking time: about 9 minutes

Distance: 650 meters


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Coffee Alley


The original store is located in Taipei’s East District, and offers a wide selection of coffees and fruit teas, along with ice cream, sandwiches and set meals. You may even have to stand in line to get in, and get a taste of young Taiwanese favorite pastimes: queuing! (We’re not kidding.)

Since 2009, Coffee Alley has opened stores at Taipei 101, Shilin Night Market, and near other famous sights.

In 2013, the Taiwanese chain expanded overseas, to Hong Kong and Tokyo. Its eight stores stay true to that real Taiwanese flavor.


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Din Tai Fung


Founded in 1958, Din Tai Fung is now the most famous international restaurant chain from Taiwan, listed in New York Times as one of the world's top ten dumpling restaurants. The restaurant’s signature dish is its xiaolongbao, or steamed pork dumplings. Every handmade dumpling contains 16 grams of lean minced pork, wrapped in 5-gram dumpling skin with 18 folds. Each step and move of making these dumplings has been perfected over time.

Thanks to its quality and service, Din Tai Fung's delicious dishes have conquered the hearts and stomachs of the Taiwanese, and how expanded to ten other countries.


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Longdu Fruit Ice Expert


Longdu Fruit Ice Expert was founded in 1920 during the Japanese occupation, thus boasting close to a centennial legacy. Sitting in the historic Taipei quarter called Manga, the store uses a traditional manual ice-shaving machine, the last one still in operation, and a living little monument of Manga culture.

The glass counter is filled with a dazzling array of ingredients, making for hundreds of possible combinations. The Eight-Treasure ice shaving dish is the most popular, consisting of various beans and grains freshly cooked by the store owner every day. If you visit the nearby Longshan Temple, do drop by here to get a taste of authentic Taiwanese shaved ice with fruit (or peanut butter, or…, well, come see for yourself).


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Shihlin Night Market


Taipei's most famous nightlife feature is its night market culture, and among night markets, Shihlin Night Market is the king in terms of size and fame. Many foreign tourists mingle here with local shoppers to browse the cheap goods and sample the food. This place is a must-see.

The market of every kind of Taiwanese food at knock-off prices: fried chicken filet, pan-friend pork buns, brine chicken, Shihlin spicy dried tofu, Shihlin sausage, bun-in-a-bun, oyster omelets, squid soup, tempura, stewed ribs, too much to taste and enough to make you come back.


<Image Source:Tourism Bureau ,M.O.T.C. Republic of China(Taiwan) / Wu Jhih-Syue offer>

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