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Taipei City New Children's Amusement Park


Almost every Taipei resident has fond childhood memories of this down-town family-style amusement park, formerly known as the Taipei Children’s Education Center.

Completely renovated, the park now offers children 13 rides and a theater, while adults can try the Treasure Ship (pirate ship) and the Magic Intergalactic Racer (roller coaster). Couples also love to go to this park for a fun time.

If you feel hot, you can join the Summer Stars, which opens at four,letting you have a cool summer!


Walking time: about 20 minutes

Distance: 1.6 km


<Image Source:Wikipedia / Winertai offer>

Riverside Park


A total of 111 km of natural waterfront parks stretches from Tamsui and Keelung to Xindian and Jingmei, offering peace and quiet, fresh air, and panoramic views. The distinctive Fountain of Hope displays water shows that reach 25 storeys high and colorfully illuminated at night. The dreamlike scene attracts many couples.

The park offers bike rentals, so you can enjoy more of the park in a leisurely way. National Geographic’s TLC channel has held a picnic of over 1,000 people here, and you can do the same with a couple of friends to have a fun afternoon.


<Image Source:Tourism Bureau ,M.O.T.C. Republic of China(Taiwan) / Wu Jhih-Syue offer>

Da’an Forest Park


Dubbed the “Lungs of the City,” the Daan Forest Park in central Taipei boasts a rich biodiversity, a natural pond, and an ecological lotus pond. The greenery, benches, gazebos, pathways, children’s playgrounds, and the music stage make this a pleasant place to while away a lazy afternoon.

The Daan Park metro station is arguably the most beautiful station of Taipei’s metro system. It’s an underground station with a sunken garden featuring a ring-shaped corridor, pond, cascade and a circular plaza.


<Image Source:Wikipedia / Hsuan,Shih-Sheng offer>



Manga was the first harbor in what is now Taipei. Its role of a trading port was later taken over by nearby Dadaocheng, which grew from a bustling port into Taipei’s most prosperous trading center, with Dihua Street as its posh centerpiece. Nowadays Dadaocheng still testifies to this glorious past, and elegant Dihua Street still attracts throngs of people to do their traditional New Year’s shopping.

In addition to the traditional shop houses along Dihua Street, the lively Longshan Temple and Wanhua Park are popular hang-outs for neighborhood residents, and definitely worth a visit. In recent years, cultural and creative collectives have been setting up shop, injecting the old buildings with new life, and often blending the old and the new in boutiques, studios, shops, and coffee houses.


<Image Source:Tourism Bureau ,M.O.T.C. Republic of China(Taiwan) / Su Kang-Hou offer>

Yangmingshan By Night


The “backyard of Taipei residents,” Yangmingshan is Taipei’s nearest national park. When night falls, Yangmingshan offers great views over the sparkling city, and many couples come to enjoy the sights and the quiet night at or near Baiyun Mansion, Zhuzi Lake, the viewing platforms, before Yonggong Road, Erziping Recreational Area, Qingtiangang, etc. Less affected by light pollution, Yangmingshan is also a great place for stargazing and moon watching.

The most famous lovers’ lane (called Lovers’ Hill) is near Chinese Culture University atop a hill overlooking the city. The vicinity offers many coffee houses and eateries, where you can admire Taipei’s sparkling nightscape, places designed for romance.


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