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Peter Pan Dashing Through The Blue Depths

Fly In The Deep Blue



At first there’s only this curious sensation of breathing under water, in the stillness of the sea. You’re floating, free from gravity, and you start noticing the sea water gently stroking your skin, then you open up to seeing the beauty all around you in the deep blue sea…


For this, a group of old friends with different backgrounds but of the same mind, pooled together their experience and expertise in diving, rescue, and swim coaching to establish the Taiwan Ocean Security Conserve Association (TOSCA) to raise awareness and provide training regarding safety at and in the sea, and help preserve marine ecology.


Each year, TOSCA offers regular and special training to the Ministry of National Defense, the Coast Guard, National Fire Agency, Central Police University, and other government bodies at all levels. The volunteers of TOSCA are fully dedicated to making defense, work, and recreation at sea safer for everyone.

Mazu Dongyin Island Hunt An Ancient British Sea Wreck

SS Sobraon

Mazu Dongyin – Home of Pirates


Legend has it that a hundred years ago, the SS Sobraon, a British passenger and cargo vessel, struck the rocks and sank to the bottom of the ocean near Dongyin Island, a tiny island north of Taiwan. It is believed that the ship carried imperial treasures looted from Beijing by the British and other western armies.


The waters there are dark and dangerous, and visibility is limited. Under these challenging conditions, 11 TOSCA members, after years of research and with the help of local fishermen, succeeded in locating the Sobraon’s wreckage, salvaging parts of the hull structure, and brought remains of the ship back to light again after 114 years.

《The Peter Pans,The Boys That Never Grow Up》

Still Flying Freely In Neverland

Keep Adding New Chapters To Their Adventure Story!

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